Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Things I Love December: Booktubers

I'm slightly obsessed with booktubers. If you don't know what a booktuber is then: a booktuber is a Youtuber who makes videos mainly revolving around books including book hauls, book reviews, and bookshelf tours. These are some of my favorite booktubers:

padfootsandprongs07 (Raeleen):
This girl is hilarious! Seriously, whenever her videos pop onto my feed I'm like. Raeleen - books - videos - cray!

twiyachannel (This Week in YA):
This channel is very informative about new teen reads and other YA news.

Probably one of my most favorite booktubers.

Lovely, lovely person! She always brightens my spirit! Plus, her bookshelves. Just look at e'm.

The first booktuber I ever found. She is really cool and loves all the classics. Plus, she lives in the Netherlands. How cool is that?

Wonderful nerdfighter, booktuber who I just found recently.

Ariel Bisset:
She is probably one of the most truthful of booktubers. She always speaks her mind and I almost always agree with her. She also has her old channel named BooksUnbound.

Another newer booktuber. I love him. He has deep reviews and new ideas. And he also hosts TWIYA.

Oh my goodness. Hilariousness. I love this guy. Always has something funny to say.

Please, check these people out and get into the booktuber community. It is soooo much fun.

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