Tuesday, January 28, 2014

fears in the form of questions.

{in which I manage to both successfully put down some of my biggest fears of my childhood and the present and also
insert a Scarlet Pimpernel reference (heh heh). I also have yet to write a completely serious post.}

i. // laying awake in bed in the half light of used-to-the-dark eyes listening to the furnace squeak and growl and those knocks running up and down the walls. will it erupt?
ii. // is my heart beating faster than usual? will I wake up tomorrow?
iii. // does God really hear my prayers?
iv. // does my life reach other people?
v. // am I losing my friends, will I be alone?
vi. // do people view me as a silly child?
vii. // do my feelings come across as I want them to?

viii. // the ocean spreads about in front of me. is there a wave to sweep over me, robbing my eyes of light and stealing the air from my lungs?

ix. // swimming through the waves of the ocean. only my feet and legs can be seen from below until a clear blue plane separates the aquatic from the breathable air. what lurks in the deeps ready to tickle my feet before pulling me below?
 x. // pulling the covers around my neck, over my head. is there a hand to grab my neck to steal me away?


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