Wednesday, March 19, 2014

men I like more than Mr. Darcy.

Please, don't shoot me. I'm not the biggest Mr. Darcy fan. Don't get me wrong, I love Pride and Prejudice (Matthew McFadyen!!!), but Mr. Darcy just isn't the man for me. Of course, I think we all know that guys in books are just better. So here's some more literary men who I like more than Mr. Darcy:

1.\\ Etienne St. Clair (from Anna and the French Kiss)- Because he is (perfection) the ONLY realistic boy in contemporary fiction nowadays, plus he's British and speaks French.

2.\\ Laurie (from Little Women)- Because Amy is me, and I am Amy. Butter is divinity! Even though it should be Laurie and Jo. (Why Louisa???)

3.\\ Gilbert Blythe- Because he could wait. Even after Anne turned him down, he knew that because he was truly in love with Anne, it would work out in the end. Plus, everyone just needs to wait for their Gilbert.

4.\\ John Watson- Because he has sweaters and he's a doctor. And he'll save your life.

5.\\ Mr. Rochester- Because that smoldering, tortured, Byronic hero with a superior intellect and incisive wit. One who looks past outward appearance and recognizes your spirit.

6.\\ Narnians
               Edmund- Because he knew that the past does not determine your future, and that sacrifice conquers death.

               Eustace- Because his name is Eustace Clarence Scrubb and he almost deserved it.

7.\\ Les Mis Boys
               Marius- Because he understands the power of a glance.

               Javert- Because he believed in God and he has my pity. (WHY? He is not the bad guy I tell you!)

8.\\ The League
               Sir Percy Blakeney- Because SINK ME!

               Sir Andrew Ffoulkes- Because of his loyalty, plus my camera is named after him.

9.\\ Austen's Men
               Mr. Knightley- Because I need someone equally as stubborn as me.

               Mr. Tilney- Because everyone makes mistakes and he apologized for his.

               Edward Ferrars- Because he is the sweetest, and I need him.

10.\\ The Men of Tolkien (He gave me a high expectation for men)
               Beleg- Because the sound of his name makes me start to cry.

               Bilbo- Because he forgot his handkerchief and he's a burglar.

               Frodo- Because some wounds cannot heal.

               Eomer- Because who can't resist a blond horsewhisperer.

               Theoden- Because he earned his place in the halls of his fathers and will not now be

               Aragorn- Because he did not desire power.

               Merry- Because he wants to fight.

               Pippin- Because his wisdom finally came.

11.\\ My Darling: Faramir- Because his love is pure, ande he did not wish to tame, only love. Plus, he's the spring to my winter.
Faramir was such an awesome character in the Two Towers and the Return of the King. Wish they would've done his part accurately, he never tried to take the ring from Frodo, and was much kinder to the hobbits than was depicted in the movie.
What are some of the literary men you like more the Mr. Darcy?

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